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Programs and Initiatives

Launching Into Learning At Longford (Birth to Five Years)

At Longford the Early Years (birth to four years) are a priority. Building strong partnerships with families in our community ensures a positive beginning for children in life, school and education/learning. Our Early Years programs have a significant impact on the development of positive partnerships with parents as well as supporting parents to engage with their child’s learning.

We provide a range of Early Learning opportunities at Longford for families with children from birth to four years of age.

Little Learners

Little Learners at Longford caters for children from birth to 3 years. Children and parents participate together in a range of learning-based activities with the support of a teacher and teacher assistant.

Kinder Connect

Kinder Connect caters for children prior to the year that they commence Kindergarten. The program provides a wide range of structured literacy, numeracy and social skills activities which assist in developing routines and skills to support the transition into Kindergarten. It is a legal requirement that parents attend these sessions with their child.


Kindergarten children must turn 5 years old during the Kindergarten year. Children attend Kindergarten for three full days (15 hours).


Outreach is for families who find it hard to get into school to engage with key staff and access learning opportunities. As part of our Outreach program, Early Learning staff visit families to drop toys and books off for use and to chat with parents and children about things of interest. Outreach may also include individual or small group playgroup opportunities onsite.

Stepping Out

Stepping Out, the opportunity to go on a local excursion, is offered once a term to families. Recent Stepping Out excursions have included visits to Launceston Aquatic Centre, Launceston Town Library, Brickendon and Gymbaroo.

Targeted Small Group

Targeted Small Group learning opportunities are offered during Terms 2,3 and 4 in response to identified and specific needs in oral language, gross motor and social skills (confidence). Small groups include between 6-8 children.

Learning At Longford (Kinder to Grade 6)

The Longford school community has the expectation that all students will learn to high levels. Our work as a Professional Learning Community is based on 4 key questions which guide the planning, teaching and assessment cycle:

  1. What do we want students to learn? (curriculum)
  2. How will we know they are learning it? (assessment)
  3. How will we respond when students aren’t learning? (extra teaching and support)
  4. How will we respond when they already know it? (extension/enrichment)

English and Mathematics extension

In addition to differentiating learning through the use of the 4 questions above, primary aged students are afforded opportunities to participate in Reader’s Cup and mathematics problem-solving extension groups. These groups culminate with the participation of students in inter-school competitions which enable them to pit their knowledge and skill against students from other schools within the greater Launceston region.

Literacy and Numeracy Support/Intervention

Developing students’ foundation skills in literacy (reading) and numeracy (number) is the key focus of our work with students in the early years. We use ongoing assessment to track student progress and intervene in a timely manner when students may be at risk of not reaching year level expectations in these areas.

ELLA and Chinese Online

Students in Kindergarten have been involved in the ELLA language program since 2016. The language our students learn is Chinese. The program is facilitated by the class teacher and game-based learning Apps.

When students reach the middle primary years (2-4) a languages grant enables students to participate in Chinese lessons on-line. These lessons are held in ‘real time’ and are facilitated by a Chinese teacher based in Beijing. This program is optional in Grade 5 and 6 classes for students whose interest in learning a second language is high.

Student Leadership/Personal Development Opportunities

Students at Longford have many opportunities for leadership, both informally and through formal roles including:

  • Student Council Representatives (Grades 2-6)
  • House and Vice-House Captains (Grade 6)
  • Aussie Sport and Daily Fitness Leaders
  • ANZAC service representation
  • GRIP leadership conference (SRC & Grade 6)
  • Breakfast Club and Library Monitors
  • Flag and Bell Monitors
  • Student Mentors - learning and social
  • Assembly Hosts
  • ICT Support
  • Representation in inter-school and regional carnivals (Country Gold, Readers Cup, Maths Relays)

Transition To High School Programs

We are a feeder school to two local high schools. Cressy District High School and Kings Meadows High School offer very different learning opportunities for students.

Both schools provide transition activity days for Longford Primary students from Grades 3 to 6. This enables our students to begin to become familiar and comfortable with each school’s physical setting and staff.

Students also have a great time ‘tasting’ many of the learning experiences offered at each school.

For more information about each school, click on the links below:

Cressy District High School
Kings Meadows High School

Cnr Catherine & William St
Longford TAS 7301

Phone: 03 6391 1252